Zip Preview

Price: $24.95 - (approx £15.20 / Ä17.91)
Price (per month): $3.43 - (approx £2.09 / Ä2.46)
Price (per week): $0.94 - (approx £0.57 / Ä0.67)

Version: 1.0

System Requirements:

Platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server

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Zip Preview allows you to view the contents of a zip file without the need to download the whole zip file first.

You can download / extract as many files as you like from within the zip as you need, this saves you time as you donít need to waste time downloading files from within the zip file you donít want.

Zip Preview also easily allows you to save or extract the whole zip file.


Can preview remote Zip files and self-extracting files without downloading them

Supports extracting individual files from a remote Zip file. You only download the part of a Zip file that you need

Can completely download a remote Zip file upon request

Works for both HTTP and FTP protocol

Easy FTP authentication and anonymous access

Supports huge zip file sizes up to 4GB. You can preview the contents of huge Zip files in a matter of seconds even on a 56k modem connection

Full automation of preview/extraction process

Clear intuitive interface


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